Getting Close again

I’ve felt a mile away shooting at the VANS World Cup of surfing, big waves, shifting breaks and the fear I would get in someones way during a scoring wave has keep me on the shoulder. If I wanted to use a long range lens I’d shoot from the beach. You know me, I love to be in the action. Went off at Rocky Point today and was getting a little too close for comfort. All in good fun right haha. 

Could have cropped this picture and zoomed but I love the clouds, so the picture stand and he floats

For the second half of my session I was focused on getting underwater shots, still need to pratice and maybe go out with friends cause not everyone was happy with me getting so close hahahaha.

haha this guys face says it all, it’s all in good fun, check back later for more pics. Love YA

I LOVE Sunset Beach

Every time I take the 15 minute swim out to Sunset Beach Break, I always have a great time. It’s about 200 yards from the beach and when the current is strong it is not an easy swim out. Lets not forget to mention BoneYards and why it’s called that. The easiest way to paddle out is over boneyards (nick named this because of the dry exposed reef right next to the break) but it’s not the safest. I guess people just realize the skill it takes to get out there and they totally respect it. Ok lets stop talking about me and just see some pictures hehe.

Empty Barrels into boneyard, no one was brave enough to take them, I really wanted to swim in and get my board but it would be dark by the time I got in

Torrey Meister was owning the break, he comes out to Sunset a lot, mostly a long board spot but he knows how to rip it up 

I think I’m in love with the world under the world.

This is Bruno, he was so stoked to be out there, I can’t help but smile when I look at his face. He came over introduced him self and was wondering what i was doing out there, I gave him the website name, I really hope he checks it out and smiles too when he sees his face. 

You can see the contest site in the background, I got permission to shoot during the contest so I’m totally stoked, I hope it gets BIGGGGGGG. and I get a front row seat to watch some of the best surfers in the world tear up sunset 

More Clark Little Shots

Not really my forte but, I seem to get a lot of positive feedback from the last time I tried to get those classic beach break barrel shots. I guess it translate better to mainstream appeal then regular surf photography. I like it but its over edited and plastic to me. It’s funny after trying this a few times I realize all the techniques Clark uses in his own photography. Not to say they are any type of trade secret just very simple editing software touch ups.

The Angles you didn’t see

HAHA not trying to be the first to tell you that Taj won the Reef Pro, the first stop on the Triple Crown. Not even trying to get the up close and personal podium shot of him drinking a Fosters (Wait a second, never mind no more beer on the podium). I’m here to give you the only water angles (in the world) of Taj winning rides. Just some exclusive content from The Surfing Photog.

The crowd from the water

Taj’s royal chariot

Taj 9 point ride and back up score. (I love the fact he had the competition combo for 15 minutes of the heat)

His victory ride in and carry up the beach

Finally Some Swell

When there  are waves the Pro’s come out to play, Jadson Andre getting some air

and Barreled


So guys come up to me in the water asking if I got the shot, until my business cards get here, I have to remember there email, phone #, facebook name….. but I don’t give photos for free, if you don’t pay this is what you get… Better the shot the more money. this is first level 


Ok so I planed to have my water housing about a month ago, things happened shipping got delayed. I was stressed the whole time but NOW I HAVE IT AND I’M TOTALLY STOKED. It’s not super easy but I’m not going out and training on easy waves. Fuck it, if I can’t hang with the big boy, I have no right being on the North Shore in the first place. Here is a sample, I will up load the best ones of the day, everyday. LOVE IT 

Plastic business cards

I love the ART of photography, It’s why I do it but, Sports photography is primarily not art. I can take artistic shots when I’m in the water but the ones that will get me paid are the up close and personal water shots. Since I’m new to this, I don’t have people busting down my door to do private shots so, my business card will be the main point of contact. It’s got to be plastic and I was thinking double sided clear. Here is the prototype. The white space will be clear (except for the lettering) and I’ll punch out the film strip holes myself.


I also redid my Contact page

Once I turn this blog into an actually web site I will have other links such as “portfolio” “destinations” “calender” (since I’l be so busy with work haha) But for know this is all I need. Mahalo