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On top of Sunset Beach

Today I climbed the Koolau Mountain Range behind Sunset beach, if you think this is an easy task, GOOD LUCK. I hate to sound cliche since I’ve only been here a short time but if you don’t live here you don’t go there. I’m definitely learning the little rules of the North Shore but I think I’m breaking a few of them by posting this picture. Its like a great beach break that is off the beaten path that only a few people know about, You fuck it up by taking pictures of it. Sorry I guess but the barriers of entry are still there. I hope you don’t see this picture and think I want to get that same shot, cause sadly you won’t. Just another gem from the surfing photog 

Exploring the Island

I have decided not to purchase a car on the island, mostly to save money but honestly I could live comfortably without one. That being said I rented a car for week when I got on the island so I could pick up the essentials. Since I got 90% of my errands done yesterday I took a driving tour of the island. Passed Turtle Bay Hotel where the locals where protesting (KEEP THE COUNTY, COUNTRY) about the over development of the Island. Pass the shrimp fields (sill have to do more investigating about this but I think they raise shrimp in lakes here?) And to this beautiful bay that I sat down at and enjoyed the sunset. I’m absolutely loving my new life and it’s making all my sacrifices this year worth it 🙂

The beautiful blue

Cleanest water I’ve ever seen. 

Day 1 on the North Shore

I spent the day running around with my head cut off. Every thing I took with me fit in a standard back pack, a board bag and a Mid-sized Travel backpack. I needed a lot of supplies and if no one has told you this yet “EVERYTIME COST MORE IN HAWAII”. It’s all good though, mission accomplished and it only took me one day. Just need to find the right mountain bike tomorrow, fit it with a tail rack and surfboard rack and I’m in business. Only one picture today and unfortunately the rain rolled in by the time I could grab my camera. Mahalo