Waimea Bay and More Eddie shots

I spent all day at Waimea Bay on the 1ST, the Eddie Ceremony wasn’t until 3pm and I had never swam out to the break before on a large day (it was 8-12 feet) so I had to know I could make it out there and back by myself before  the Eddie Paddle out. It wasn’t really harder then any other spot I was just being cautious and safe. It did take 15 minutes non stop to get out and 20 to get back thought, so it wasn’t exactly fun, but great exercise.

First few are just some locals getting on the break before it got crowded, Waimea is a known “share wave” meaning that no one has priority and any body can take off at any time. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

I was surprised to see my buddy get a wave all to him self, This guy charges so he can make waves that most don’t take off on I guess.

The rest are from the Eddie, I wanted a picture of the guys Paddling out to the break, here is Mark Healy, Makua Rothman and Danny Fuller

This was just another great angle that didn’t fit in my first post

And this last one is a picture of all the guys taking the strings out of the Flower Leis so they wouldn’t be littering. I really love this picture but without context it’s wouldn’t make sense

One response

  1. It was truly an awesome experience, and yes, the blessings were numerous, from the kahu who came out and brought the “Puka O Ka Lani, to Uncle Clyde and young Makua leading the way (with the rainbow bursting forth when Clyde began to speak–the same moment that you took that circle shot above), to that moment when the word went out: “Gather the strings, it is our kuleana. Let us not litter upon the sea!”

    Afterwards, Tom Carroll caught a great wave and noticed that most people went in. I caught the next wave and saw that look on his face… He smiled and said “Might as well go back out, Waimea is breaking, here we are, and everybody else just went in!” I must say that I concurred and we paddled back out to some rough 12 foot plus Waimea Bay… STOKED!!!

    January 15, 2012 at 8:28 pm

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