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So guys come up to me in the water asking if I got the shot, until my business cards get here, I have to remember there email, phone #, facebook name….. but I don’t give photos for free, if you don’t pay this is what you get… Better the shot the more money. this is first level 

Sponsored Kids

So what were you doing when you were 11. I can bet 99.9% of the world could say not charging in Hawaii. Thats why these NORTH SHORE kids are groomed for the world tour of surfing. Thats why 80% of the top surfing professionals come from world class breaks. Yeah you can have the argument that when these kids get to small beach break (50% of the World Qualifying events) that they can’t perform because they don’t know how to excel in crappy waves. You can make that argument but these kids are still world class athletes before there 16th birthday.

Making a home in the barrel

Taking this journey into the cover of water, shacked, tubed, pitted. You know what I’m talking about chandelier effect!

Surf Break: Gas-chambers sequence

Sequence: a series of pictures, Not the shine things

A fisheye morning (for the kids)

Crazy rainy today so what better lens to use then the trusted augmented fisheye, the kids love it and taste great on toast. Boo YAA


Ok so I planed to have my water housing about a month ago, things happened shipping got delayed. I was stressed the whole time but NOW I HAVE IT AND I’M TOTALLY STOKED. It’s not super easy but I’m not going out and training on easy waves. Fuck it, if I can’t hang with the big boy, I have no right being on the North Shore in the first place. Here is a sample, I will up load the best ones of the day, everyday. LOVE IT 

Pipeline Respect

Pipeline has claimed the life’s of more surfers then another break in the world. These surfers that are immortalized on the plaque behind pipeline were professional surfers. Makes you think. If it doesn’t make you respect this wave then you are too foolish to ride it.

Hawaiian Motto: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

Translates to : “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”

That WILL happen

This is the where the whole surfing world comes for a reason. Prices will be paid

HIC PRO Sunset Beach 2011

Hawaiian Island Creations PRO @ Sunset Beach

This is a qualifier for the Vans Triple Crown of surfing and one of the last star events of the year. There was solid Hawaiian 5-8 sized swell and today they almost finished the round of 64. They are going to have to push tomorrow to get the event finished because the waiting period is almost over and there isn’t a swell coming up this week big enough for Sunset Beach to go off.

Personally I felt like there should be more people watching the event on a saturday but what do I know I just got here.

Plastic business cards

I love the ART of photography, It’s why I do it but, Sports photography is primarily not art. I can take artistic shots when I’m in the water but the ones that will get me paid are the up close and personal water shots. Since I’m new to this, I don’t have people busting down my door to do private shots so, my business card will be the main point of contact. It’s got to be plastic and I was thinking double sided clear. Here is the prototype. The white space will be clear (except for the lettering) and I’ll punch out the film strip holes myself.


I also redid my Contact page

Once I turn this blog into an actually web site I will have other links such as “portfolio” “destinations” “calender” (since I’l be so busy with work haha) But for know this is all I need. Mahalo

The wettest place on the planet

The wettest place on the planet, is Mt. Waialeale on Kauai. Even though the Kauai is a 100 miles away from Oahu is still affected by the same weather patterns. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining for one minute about anything. It just another reason why I can’t wait for my water housing to arrive. I think there are a lot of amazing shots to be taken in inclement weather. Blue sky’s, perfect waves and smiling faces are anything from reality. That being said here’s a cute picture of a rainbow after the rain let up enough to snap a photo on my phone. Don’t let the blue sky fool you it was even sprinkling during this photo.

Round 1 of time lapse

A time lapse (a picture every 30 seconds for 45 minutes at 2 frames per second) of the sunset over the North Shore. Climbing up the mountain was really sketchy so I didn’t really want to hang around till it got dark to climb down. Once I learn the lay of the land a little better I plan on redoing this shot. Maybe even going up there with a telephoto.

Pipeline Sunset

Just another cool sunset over pipeline. Cheers 

My New Toy

My new toy will be built and shipped on Friday, to say I’m excited is an understatement. I have to throw a big shout out to Sean @  for hooking me up and fabricating a port for my Nikon 17-55 F/2.8 DX lens (something he doesn’t normally make). But thats why sean is the MAN.

This water housing will bring me to the next level of surfing photography. It will also put me in one of the dangerous place on the north shore, Inside the biggest gnarlyist waves people are stupid enough to ride (maybe I’m the stupid one, at least they have floatation devices). But never the less, it’s going to be a blast. Stay Tuned